Retaining Walls
Mr. Lawn installs mortared walls, edging and patio rockwork. We keep Austin stone, sandstone and flagstone in stock from the rock quarry. By cutting out the middle man, we are able to get this stonework to you at a discounted price. We also have the best team of mortaring experts to build the most beautiful structures imaginable. Please keep us in mind for your next project.
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Tracy- wall
Retaining wall work is an art, and it entails much more than simply stacking rock and wood or other materials to hold up soil.
Many factors need to be addressed before the installation of the wall begins. Most importantly, will it be able to handle what it is intended to support? The proper "dead man" (support post that holds the other parts of the wall together) or a stronger footer might needed. If water runs off, then drains may need to be installed. We have skilled employees who know how to lay rock and mortar. They are experienced and pay attention to detail.
Not only are our rock walls well-planned and constructed, they are beautiful. Please allow us to build one for you.